Posture Corrector Bandage

Vendor: Prime Desire Fashion
Type: Posture Corrector




Exercise or work at the office knowing that your posture is always correct.


  • Easy to wear, Lightweight, Discreet and comfortable
  • You can wear it in your daily activities, at the gym and other sporting activities
  • Adjustable fit, unisex, natural treatment method for healthy body posture, improves breathing, pulls the shoulders backwards to stand tall & sit up straight
  • Help you relieve aches, human body fatigue and align your spine
  • Suitable for male and female, children, young and adults
  • Material: Elastic drawstring

Size Guide: Bust measurements

  • S:50cm-70cm
  • M:70cm-90cm 
  • L:90cm-110cm 
  • XL:120cm 
  • XXL:130cm